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Mater Pathology operates a highly sophisticated, state-of-the-art pathology laboratory featuring specialist medical, scientific and technical staff. The expertise of our staff means Mater Pathology can offer complete routine and specialised pathology services

Committed to excellence in diagnostic and consultative services Mater pathologists, scientific and technical staff are highly skilled with a broad spectrum of unique pathology expertise, so patients can be confident they are receiving exceptional care.

Visit our Resources section to view, print or download information sheets relevant to the medical community, or request a pathology test from one of our specialised team by completing a Mater Pathology request form.


Anatomical pathology 

Anatomical Pathology offers a range of high level expertise across a wide spectrum of histopathology, including routine and tertiary level teaching hospital expertise.

Our vastly experienced Anatomical team meticulously provide:

  • timely, thorough and careful histopathology reporting with particular interests in breast, skin, gynaecological, perinatal and urological pathology
  • a tradition of working closely with clinicians with careful clinicopathological correlation and involvement at clinical meetings to improve patient outcomes
  • rapid reporting of clinically urgent specimens including after-hours support, with 24-hour pathologist availability for advice regarding urgent sample collection
  • perinatal pathology expertise, including post mortem services
  • clinically appropriate integration of molecular or other testing
  • attendance at off-site frozen sections as needed (Please note: advance bookings are essential)
  • research expertise and collaboration with clinician-researchers.

We also offer a complete range of cytopathology services including:

  • assessment of a range of fluid specimens including pleural effusions and ascites, with appropriate work up for a diagnosis of malignancy
  • aspiration cytology, including cytology attendance at aspiration to minimise the need for resampling ue to inadequacy
  • cervical cytology and Pap smear service, with testing available for high risk HPV in liquid based samples.

We welcome all referrals, large or small, and appreciate the chance to play a role in guiding patient management for the best outcome for individual patients.

Contact details for Mater Pathology anatomical pathologists

Chemical pathology 

Chemical pathology

The Mater Pathology Chemical Pathology laboratory is staff by a highly experienced team of pathologists and scientists and offers a comprehensive array of routine and complex testing to a number of private hospitals across Brisbane and to the local community. We serve as a reference laboratory for several highly specialised tests Australia-wide, and we provide significant support for research and clinical trials.

Our routine service encompasses:

  • general biochemistry
  • diabetes testing and monitoring
  • therapeutic drug monitoring
  • routine and specialist endocrinology
  • first trimester pregnancy screening
  • kidney stone analysis
  • vitamins
  • tumour markers
  • special protein investigations.

We also offer a distinct range of specialised tests, including comprehensive chromatography and mass spectrometry services:

  • serum adrogens and oestradiol by tandem mass spectrometry. We are the only clinical laboratory in Queensland offering routine serum testosterone measurement by mass spectrometry.
  • blood-spot 17-hydroxyprogesterone testing for the monitoring of children with congenital adrenal hyperplasia
  • advanced nutritional testing with serum and urine methylmalonate, fat soluble vitamins and plasma essential fatty acids
  • diagnosis and monitoring of metabolic disorders with organic acids, amino acids, creatine and purine and pyrimidine metabolites.

Our expert team of pathologists are available for consultation on all aspects of Chemical Pathology, including the investigation of inborn errors of metabolism.

Contact details for Mater Pathology chemical pathologists



The Cytogenetics laboratory at Mater Pathology provides a comprehensive suite of testing for the diagnosis of chromosome rearangements by both conventional karyotyping methodology and molecular based technologies.

Several of our scientific team hold additional qualifications and memberships with the Human Genetics Society of Australasia (HGSA), including two Fellowships.

Result interpretation and testing advice is available from our FHGSA accredited scientists and Genetic Pathologists.

Diagnostic testing is performed on:

  • Blood samples - for the diagnosis of constitutional disorders; both inherited and de novo and to detect carriers of rearrangements that may have reproductive and fertility consequences.
  • Prenatal samples - for the diagnosis of chromosomal abnormalities in the fetus. This testing can be performed on Chorionic Villus, Amniotic Fluid or Cordocentesis samples.
  • Product of conception samples - for the diagnosis of chromosomal abnormalities that contribute to fetal malformation, IUGR, IUFD and stillbirth. Testing can be performed on placental tissue or post mortem fetal tissues.
  • Oncology samples - for the diagnosis of acquired chromosome abnormalities resulting in malignancy. Testing can be performed on blood, bone marrow and tumour samples.

​Karyotyping is performed either by conventional methodology or by molecular karyotype using a SNP based microarray platform. Molecular karyotyping provides a much higher resolution, genome-wide analysis enabling detection of subtle rearrangements not possible at the conventional karyotype resolution. Microarray testing is considered the gold standard method in the diagnosis of patients with developmental delay, intellectual disability or multiple congenital abnormalities. In addition, this test does not rely of tissue culture methodology and allows a much greater success rate for products of conception samples.

Fluorescent In Situ Hybridisation (FISH) testing is also performed on all of the above samples, as clinically indicated. This test is particularly useful for the rapid diagnosis of common aneuploidies, microdeletion syndromes such as the 22q microdeletion, and for the detection of cancer gene rearrangements. FISH testing can also be performed on paraffin embedded tissue (FFPE FISH) when no fresh tissue is available; For example, fixed tissue samples of tumour and products of conception.

Genetic Pathology 

Mater Pathology offers a comprehensive range of genetic testing, including:


Contact information

For further information on our molecular genetic tests please contact:


Mr Chris Joy ph: +61 7 3163 5988 email: 

Mr Ivan McGown ph: +61 7 3163 6017 email:   

Mrs Debra Taylor ph: +61 7 3163 2604 email:

Genetic Pathologists

Dr James Harraway ph: +61 7 3162 7679 email:

Specimen delivery

Please send any molecular genetic test specimens to:

Mater Pathology
Level 6, Mater Hospital Brisbane
Raymond Terrace
South Brisbane Qld 4101



Mater Pathology's Haematology laboratory is home to a large team of highly experienced and dedicated haematopathologists and haematology scientists.

Our dedicated Haematology team provides:

  • Prompt feedback regarding abnormal blood findings
  • a prompt bone marrow aspiration and biopsy service
  • pathology input in tertiary level hospital multidiscipline meetings
  • medical and scientific education
  • paediatric haematological advice
  • molecular genetics advice
  • assistance in research and clinical trials
  • training programs for future Haematologists

In addition to our comprehensive service, we offer a range of specialised tests including:

  • Hypercoagulability testing
  • investigations into bleeding tendencies
  • monitoring of new and old oral anticoagulant treatment
  • haemoglobinopathy testing (including molecular testing)
  • bone marrow pathology
  • flow cytometry
  • specialised blood banking service.

We run an efficient warfarin management care clinic that cares for hundreds of patients. Our service to these patients includes regular communication with the GPs or specialists, instructions regarding diet and lifestyle, and after-hours calls (often by haematologists) when necessary.

Immunology and Serology 


Mater Pathology's Immunology laboratory covers a wide range of immunology, serology and haematological malignancy testing.

Our Immunology team can perform comprehensive screening for autoimmune and allergy testing including:

  • IgE and specific IgE (RAST) allergy testing
  • Coeliac disease (TTG and Gliadin)
  • SLE, Sjogren syndrome and scleroderma (ANA, dsDNA, ENA)
  • Autoimmune hepatitis (tissue antibodies)
  • Pernicious anaemia (Intrinsic factor, parietal cell antibodies)
  • Autoimmune Vasculitis (ANCA, MPO/PR3, GBM) *coming soon*
  • In addition to our Immunology service, we perform serological testing for antenatal screening, infectious diseases, immunisation status and sexually transmitted infections including:
  • Hepatitis A, B and C
  • HIV and HTLV
  • Syphilis
  • Measles, Mumps and Rubella
  • Herpes Simplex
  • CMV and Toxoplasma
  • Chicken pox (Varicella)
  • Mycoplasma
  • Pertussis

Our experienced flow cytometry team can provide the following services:

  • CD4:8 ratio
  • Absolute B cell numbers CD34 testing for stem cell transplant collections
  • PNH screening
  • Haematological malignancies including leukaemia and lymphoma on a wide array of tissues including blood, bone marrow, tissue biopsies and fluids.

The department is both TGA and NATA accredited and has over 130 years of experience in the team of dedicated scientists.

We are supported by highly experienced pathologists across the diverse disciplines within the Immunology department, who are readily available to provide advice and assist in the interpretation of results.



Mater Pathology's Microbiology laboratory comprises a dedicated team of highly qualified clinicians, scientists and support staff working together to deliver timely results significant to the diagnosis and management of infections in patients.

Services provided include:

  • A broad range of tests relevant to diagnosis of both common and servere infections including culture, sensitivity testing, PCR, antigen and antibody testing
  • Clinical advice on requesting and interpreting laboratory tests including antimicrobial susceptibility results
  • Clinical input in tertiary level hospital multidisciplinary meetings
  • Medical and scientific education
  • Research and clinical trials
  • Training for future Microbiology doctors and scientists

Our new state-of-the-art laboratory and contemporary equipment enables us to provide comprehensive services as well as perform unique specialised testing including:

  • Rapid diagnostics applied to the investigations of blood stream infections
  • Ability to test for additional causes of meningitis with partiular relevance to newnborn infants (Blood and CSR PCR panels)
  • Testing for less common causes of respiratory infections such as Legionella (Atypical Pneumonia PCR panel)

Mater Pathology microbiologists