Mater Pathology

Private Community Patient Fee Policy

If a patient has recently visited a Mater Pathology Collection Centre or had samples referred to Mater Pathology for testing and all tests are Medicare Rebatable and the requirements for bulk billing are fulfilled, then the patient will not receive a bill and their tests will be bulk billed and covered by Medicare.

To be eligible for a Medicare rebate, the following requirements must be met:

  • Patient has a valid Medicare number
  • Tests requested are Medicare rebatable
  • The doctor has clearly indicated to bulk bill on the request
  • Patient has signed the Medicare Assignment

If these requirements have not been met, then the patient may receive a bill and will be charged out-of-pockets expenses.

Some pathology tests are not eligible for a Medicare rebate or may only be eligible for a Medicare rebate where the patient satisfies certain conditions.  The Department of Health and Ageing is responsible for administering the Medicare Benefits Schedule that specifies which tests are eligible for a rebate. If non-rebatable tests are performed, the patient will will receive an account, even if other tests are bulk-billed or direct billed to their Health Fund. 

Additionally, Mater Pathology bulk bills routine Medicare eligible pathology tests for the following patients:

  • Pension (PHB) Cardholders
  • Health Care Cardholders
  • Veterans Affairs Gold Cardholders
  • Commonwealth Seniors Cardholders
  • Nursing home residents

Tests requested in any of the following circumstances are not eligible for a Medicare rebate: employment, health screening, immigration, insurance, overseas, superannuation, travel, visa applications.

If the referral is related to a Workcover or Transport Accident Commission claim and a claim number is provided, an account will be forwarded to the organisation for payment. If a claim number is not provided, the patient will receive an account.