Mater Pathology

Test ordering

The following reference sites are available to assist clinicians in choosing the correct test and provide clarity around the collection requirements:

If you have any questions please contact Mater Pathology on 07 3163 8500.

To request a test please complete a request form.

Added test service

In order to enhance our added test service, Mater Pathology offers a fax option for ordering tests in addition to those originally requested on the patient's request form. This option offers a time-efficient way of dealing with your patient’s follow-up.

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Rule 3 Exemption

Rule 3 of the Pathology Services Table limits the benefits payable for pathology items during a single patient episode. Exemptions to this rule have been granted for certain specified tests in certain clinical circumstances. The exemption is referred to as ‘Rule 3 Exemption’.

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If you have any questions relating to a pathology test ordering please contact the team on 07 3163 8500.