Mater Pathology

Warfarin Care Program

For the convenience of regular referring doctors Mater Pathology offers a Warfarin Care Program for their patients.

Christmas Closure 2018

Please note, Mater Pathology will not be accepting any new private Warfarin Care Program Patients between 21st of December 2018 - 2nd of January 2019. 

Application for Warfarin Care Program

Mater Pathology operates its Warfarin Care Program from Monday to Friday 10 am to 6 pm and can be contacted on telephone 07 3163 8378.

To enrol a patient please read our policy information below, then complete all the details on the enrolment form and fax to 07 3163 3440 with a signed Rule 3 Exception request form. Please also contact Warfarin care to confirm that fax has been received on 07 3163 8378. Please advise your patient that a Mater Pathology Warfarin Care Program staff member will contact them after discharge from hospital and that they will receive same day enrolment.

Mater Pathology has dedicated staff who will answer any questions you may have, in order to assist your patients with their Warfarin monitoring, and provides ongoing patient support and education through a dedicated patient support telephone service 07 3163 8378.

Enrolment Fee Structure

Enrolment into the Mater Pathology Warfarin Care Program attracts a fee:

  • No charge (Aboriginal/Torres Straight Islander and nursing home residents)
  • $125.00 (Pensioners, Health Care Card holders)
  • $250.00 (All other patients)

Enrolment Policy

Mater Pathology will only accept patients into the Warfarin Care Program if there is regular communication with the patient’s general practitioner. If the patient’s general practitioner does not regularly refer to Mater Pathology, Mater Pathology has the right to not enrol the patient, or to discontinue the enrolment of the patient.

For patient safety reasons please assess your patients’ eligibility according to our Eligibility Criteria and Enrolment Steps before enrolling them into the Mater Pathology Warfarin Care Program.

Eligibility Criteria

Patients who wish to be enrolled in the Mater Pathology Warfarin Care Program must meet the elibility criteria at the time of enrolment and continue to meet elibility criteria for the duration of their enrolment. Failure to do so will result in non-compliant patients being returned to their general practitioner's care for Warfarin.

To be eligible for enrolment in the Mater Pathology Warfarin Care Program, your patient must:

  • be taking Warfarin (not Dindevan medication)
  • have a minimum enrolment period of one month
  • have a general practitioner who regularly refers their patients to Mater Pathology. This includes patients recently discharged from hospital.
  • have a valid mailing address and be contactable by phone
  • be able to comprehend and record verbal and/or written dose instructions (or have a carer who can do so)
  • be able to comply with dose instructions (or have a carer who can comply)
  • be able to attend for testing on scheduled dates, subject to exceptional circumstances
  • not have been discharged from a warfarin care program due to non-compliance
  • not require a narrow target range (less than 0.5)
  • not require daily INR levels
  • not require acute care
  • be respectful to all Mater Pathology staff

Enrolment Steps

Before enrolment, please:

  • assess your patient’s eligibility for the Warfarin Care Program according to the eligibility criteria above
  • provide your patient with adequate dosing instructions and dietary recommendations appropriate for that of a patient taking Warfarin. Once enrolment is finalised a Mater Pathology Warfarin Care Officer will notify you and your patient that the enrolment has been completed. Please allow at least one business day.

The completed enrolment application form (all sections must be completed) must be faxed to the Mater Pathology Warfarin Care Clinic on 07 3163 3440. Please retain the original enrolment application for future reference. If you have not received enrolment confirmation within one business day, please call the Mater Pathology Warfarin Care Clinic on  07 3163 8378.  

The referring doctor must manage the patient’s heparin therapy, including low molecular weight heparin such as Clexane. 

Heparin therapy (UF or LMWH) should continue until the INR is in the therapeutic range for at least TWO consecutive days.

Home Visit eligibility

To be elibigible for a home visit, patients must first be registered by their general practitioner as requiring home care.

Mater Pathology will not commence enrolments on weekends, public holidays, or the day prior to a long weekend. Enrolments will be limited prior to Easter, Christmas and the New Year to allow safe transfer of your patient onto our program.

Enrolment in the Mater Pathology Warfarin Care Program is dependant on all parties - Doctor, Patient and Laboratory - understanding and accepting their roles and responsibilities.