Mater Pathology

Tests Requiring Special Collection Methods

Which tests require a special method of collection?

The following documents indicate which tests require a special method of collection. These documents have been separated into those Pathology tests that require self-collection and those that will be collected by one of our collectors. If you would like to clarify whether your test requires a special collection method, please call us on 07 3163 8500.

Tests Requiring a Self-Collection

The following tests should be collected by yourself. Please follow the instructions outlined for each individual test. Once a collection is completed, please bring your sample to your local Mater Pathology collection centre.

Tests Requiring a Special Collection Method by a Mater Pathology Collector

The following tests require special collection methods and processes that will be administered by one of our qualified and experienced collectors when you visit your local Mater Pathology collection centre for your test.