Mater Pathology

Introducing ANCA and anti-GBM testing by Mater Pathology

November 23, 2016

From 1 December 2016, Mater Pathology Immunology Department will begin performing ANCA (anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibody) immunofluorescence and MPO/Pr3 ANCA testing for the diagnosis of ANCA associated small vessel Vasculitis and GBM antibodies for the diagnosis of Goodpasture’s/Anti-GBM disease.  These tests are currently referred to Pathology Queensland.  By performing these tests on site, we aim to offer a faster turnaround time and improved service for our referring clinicians. 

ANCA immunofluorescence, MPO/PR3 ANCA and GBM molecular assays will be run several times per week, Monday to Friday at Mater Pathology. 

The new MPO/Pr3/GBM assay at Mater Pathology will be performed by Phadia ImmunoCAP (FEIA).  Clinicians can expect results to be quantitatively different to those reported by the previous assay and in general results will be numerically lower.  Some patients with inflammatory bowel disease who had positive results for MPO/Pr3 on the previous assay may be negative on the Phadia ImmunoCAP.

To aid in transition to the new assay and interpretation of results, all patients with history of previous positive MPO/Pr3 ANCA will have testing performed in parallel with the previous stored sample  if available.

For more information, please contact the Immunology laboratory on 3163 8334.

Kind regards,

Dr Susan Perel
Mater Pathology