Quality Assurance

Mater Pathology is a leading tertiary referral centre committed to:

  • the delivery of pathology services of excellence in diagnosis and consultation
  • the advancement of scientific knowledge through research and education.

Our values are those of Mater Health Services:

Mater Pathology recognises this responsibility as a provider of quality analytical, interpretive, advisory and educational services.

A quality management system has been developed and documented to better satisfy the needs of our clients and to improve management of our service. It relates to the full range of Mater Pathology activities.

The system complies with international standards ISO 15189:2003, ISO 9001:2008 and addresses the minimum standards acceptable for good laboratory practice in Australia as set out in the National Pathology Accreditation Advisory Council document—“Standards for Pathology Laboratories 2002”. In addition, the quality system complies with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration Code of Good Manufacturing Practice—Human Blood and Tissues. Mater Pathology is a TGA licensed facility for testing services for the Queensland Cord Bank at Mater.

Quality Policy

Mater Pathology is committed to the provision of analytical, interpretive, advisory and educational services which will meet or exceed the requirements of patients and clinicians.

We will achieve this through the operation of a quality management system incorporating employee participation, continuous improvement and regular review of our plans and objectives.

We will respond quickly, courteously and effectively in the spirit of professionalism consistent with the values of Mater Health Services.

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