Expansion of Mater Pathology district supervisor team

April 4, 2011

The team at Mater Pathology has recently expanded with the addition of two new district supervisors joining its team. This will significantly improve the level of support GPs receive in the nursing homes they visit.

With the two new team members on board, Mater Pathology will now have one district supervisor to look after each of the three dedicated regions—West, South and East. Each district supervisor will oversee approximately 20 nursing homes which will be visited daily (Monday to Friday) by experienced phlebotomists.

This regional approach to Mater Pathology will allow a greater level of personalisation of the service within each region for doctors and nursing home staff.

Manager of Pathology Specimens Collection Mark Maguire said the approach has helped Mater become more attuned to the services required by nursing homes.

“We are now focusing on nursing homes as an additional key client. This means we can tailor our home service to the requirements of the GP, as well as coordinate the care with the nursing home to collect the bloods at an appropriate time that suits them,” Mr Maguire said.

“This is a unique service and the feedback from nursing home staff has been extremely positive.

“Our district supervisors also provide training to nursing home staff to teach them how to collect swabs and samples. We hope this will help busy GPs so they can be sure that any samples taken at nursing homes visited by Mater Pathology, will be optimal,” he said.

For further information, please contact:

James Speet on 07 3163 6153 or 0410 427 363.

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