Changes to Viral Swabs - December 2014

November 28, 2014

Effective December 2014, Mater Pathology will change to using and supplying the bioMérieux Σ-virocult swab, incorporating a screw cap tube with a liquid transport medium.

This will replace the existing Virocult® swab with gel media currently in use, which will be phased out over the coming months.

The specimen is collected via standard techniques using the new Σ-swab®; the tip is then placed into the liquid transport medium, snapped off and sealed in the screw top vial for transportation to the laboratory.

Storage and transportation conditions remain unchanged.

Supply of the new bioMerieux Σ-virocult swab will automatically supersede existing stocks, which may still be used until expiry date.

To order new stock please speak to your courier, contact your nearest collection centre, or telephone 07 3163 8500.

Orders may also be placed via fax on 07 3163 2122 using the Mater Pathology supply requisition form.

Full details of the change can be found on the bioMurieux Technical Bulletin, Edition November 2014.

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