Mater Pathology Warfarin Monitoring Program Fees

June 20, 2016

Mater Pathology Warfarin Monitoring Program Fees will change from from 1 July 2016. Please see below for full details. 

Program enrolment fee: $250 ($125 Concession)
Annual program fee (applied with first test after 1st July): $120 ($60 Concession)

Concession includes: Pension, Health Care and Commonwealth Seniors Card holders and DVA. Nursing Home and ATSIC patients are exempt from Program fees.

The program fees contribute towards the patient’s Medicare Safety Net. Regular Prothrombin Time tests required to monitor warfarin dosage, are bulk-billed.

Patients that have joined the Warfarin Care Program between 1st January and 30th June, 2016 will not be charged the Annual Program Fee this year but the fee will be applied in the subsequent years that they remain in the program.

The Mater Pathology Warfarin Care Program is not funded by Medicare or any other government agency. The Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) provides a rebate for blood collection and INR testing only; it does not cover the cost of the services provided by our expert medical personnel and the other additional resources needed for the Warfarin Care Program to monitor your patient’s warfarin levels.

Further information regarding the Program Fees and how they are applied, can be obtained by contacting the Mater Pathology Accounts Enquiry Line on 07 3163 8636.

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