NT-proBNP to replace BNP assay from Monday 1 August

July 20, 2016

On Monday 1 August 2016, Mater Pathology will change its BNP assay for the diagnosis of acute heart failure to a NT-proBNP assay.

Reason for change:

  • Allows for faster turnaround time
  • Increased stability—it will be possible to add the test onto specimens up to three days old‚Äč

What you need to know:

NT-proBNP is equallty effective for the diagnosis of acute heart failure.

Cut-offs for rule in and rule out are higher than BNP, and rule in values vary with age and renal impairmen (these will be on the report).

Rule out:

<300 ng/L

Rule in:

>450 ng/L for age <50 years
>900 ng/L for age 50-75 years
>1800 ng/L for age >75 years
>1200 ng/L for age <50 years with chronic renal failure

If you have been monitoring a patient with BNP and would like parallel BNP and NT-proBNP levels at the changeover to the new test, this can be arranged by contacting the laboratory.


For a Medicare rebate to apply the patient must be in an emergency department and the request form must contain clinical notes indicating dyspnoea, otherwise the cost is $59. The new samples types are serum (yellow-top tube) or lithium heparin plasma (green-top tube).

If you would like to discuss this change, our Chemical Pathologists can be reached on phone 07 3163 8607.

Dr Janet Warner, janet.warner@mater.org.au

Dr George Marshall, george.marshall@mater.org.au


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